Thursday, 4 March 2010

Driving Phobia

You may be reading this and thinking that drivers cannot suffer from these and it is all nonsense. Perhaps you have been looking for help and support with your driving concerns and come across this blog.

If you do have any concerns, anxieties or a phobia about your driving, you may find this difficult to talk about with family, friends and others. You may feel that you will be ridiculed and told to 'Get a Grip' of yourself. Do not let these thoughts worry you. I can guarantee that you are not alone in the world. You will be surprised how many drivers male and female alike who suffer from these symptoms.

The good news is that help is available from people who understand what you are feeling and are prepared to listen and have methods of helping you to overcome these concerns.

The majority of these situations arise on the Motorway. It may suddenly overcome you one day. All you want to do is get off the motorway. You may find your speed has dropped very low. You are in Lane 1 and hugging close to the hard shoulder.

As this develops you find yourself leaning in the car towards the edge of the road. The same feelings now start to overcome you on other roads. These roads you may have travelled daily without any concerns previously. As these feelings develop and become more intense, the list of roads that you feel uncomfortable driving increases.

Nearly always drivers who encounter these feelings are at ease when driving in town or other busy road environments.

If you have read this blog and can identify these feelings and symptoms do not hesitate to contact me for a friendly chat to see if I can help you.

If you have found this by mistake and still wonder why or how drivers can suffer from such feelings, I would ask you to consider two things:

1. Next time you encounter a driver who appears to be a little over cautious and possibly not at ease on the motorway or open road. Consider they may be suffering these symptoms. Give them plenty of room and do nothing to make their journey more difficult.

2. These feelings and symptoms can suddenly hit any driver at anytime, it could be you one day. If you feel anxious when driving on the motorway or open road do not let it to continue to develop and eat away at you. Get help early.